Who is KUM?

Who is KUM®?

  (pronounced:  koom  as in book)

Kunststoff Und Metallwarenfabrik

(Plastic and Metal Products Factory)


The Company was founded by Adam and Fritz Klebes Mussgüller in 1919 in Erlangen Germany and has remained a family business ever since.  The factory continues to manufacture in its original location.

KUM is a specialist manufacturer of high quality sharpeners for pencils and cosmetics, drawing equipment and brushes for cosmetics and artistry.  Their focus has always been on innovation and quality. 


Here’s part of their story on brushes:

The craft of brush making has a long history in our area. In order to become a fine hair brush maker one must go through a 3 year apprenticeship program during which time the apprentice works under  the supervision of a master brush maker 3 days per week and goes to a special school for 2 days per week to learn the theoretical side of this craft. After 3 years of training, the apprentice is allowed to take the examination (consisting of theory and practical work) in front of the Chamber of Commerce. Upon passing this examination one can call him/herself a brush maker. After working for a minimum of 5 years as a brush maker one can go back to school and begin studies to become a master brush maker. This is the highest possible degree a brush maker can achieve and ensures in-depth knowledge in this field.

After working for a minimum of 45 years as a master brush maker one is awarded the Golden  Master Certificate. KUM® is proud to say that in our factory we have the only Golden Master Brush maker in the world that is still active today.

The combination of highly skilled labor with the use of only the finest material available ensure the high quality, durability and use characteristics of the KUM® Brushes.